Lesson No. 1 – The Search for Happiness

Well, you can’t say that I didn’t try to obtain formal permission to blog about The Joy Within (Joan Goldstein & Manuela Soares ISBN 0-13-511338-5).  I posted a request in the forums at the Simon and Schuster website, and when that attracted nothing, I found the “contact us” form on […]

The Fine Art of Joy

In my last post, I expounded on the virtues of being happy. To dissect this topic a little further, I’ve decided to delve into the practice of finding  JOY. The Cambridge Online Dictionary http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/joy_1 defines JOY as follows: Definition joy noun ( HAPPINESS ) [U] great happiness They were filled […]

Happy Hippies…

Have you ever noticed that “those hippie types” tend to be happier people than most??  I’m sure there be people who simply assume that hippies are happy because they are stoned!  To avoid starting a flame war on the pro’s vs con’s of the legalization of marijuana, let me make […]

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Rolling? Nah….more like putzing along.

Well, much to my great disappointment, I was not accepted to the program that I had applied to.  The assessment was long and rather in-depth but the essence is:  my ideas have great merit, I harbor tremendous passion for my work, BUT (there it is…) I carry too much personal […]

OK, the rock part is under control…roll? not so much.

I was rather hoping to be doing the snoopy-dance-of-joy over having been accepted to the training program I’ve applied to.  Well, I’m still waiting… Things seem to have been in a holding pattern for quite a while out here, and I’m really not sure why.  However, I do suspect that […]

Getting the blog-roll rolling…

Hippie:  define hippie….call ’em what you will, personally I’ve always be rather proud of the label.  You don’t need to take a vow of poverty or swear off shaving your legs.  You don’t need to burn bras, or attend Green Peace rallies. My father, suit and tie extraordinaire that he […]

One dream, two businesses…

If you’ve noticed we haven’t been around much lately, it’s because my computers QUIT!!  Yes, both of them.  Total hard disk failure on one, and a blown mother board on the other.  A most interesting month July has been… I’m eternally grateful it’s over!! Since the “Great Computer Incident” and […]

The Contact form is failing miserably…

For anyone out there frustrated by the fact that they think I’m ignoring their e-mails….don’t be.  There is something direly wrong with my Contact Us forms.  Not sure what, but am working on the issue. If you would like contact Hippie Ways just leave a comment, and I’ll get back […]

Testing the RSS feeds…

This is just a random post in an attempt to get the RSS feed working….not too sure what’s wrong.

April 16, 2010 – Ask a Hippie…

I’m thinking I may just start up a communication column. Since anyone who really knows me, knows that I am exceedingly proud to be a flag-waving Hippie, and that being self sufficient is a primary goal in my life, I think that I may take this wonder called blogging, to […]