OK, the rock part is under control…roll? not so much.

I was rather hoping to be doing the snoopy-dance-of-joy over having been accepted to the training program I’ve applied to.  Well, I’m still waiting…

Things seem to have been in a holding pattern for quite a while out here, and I’m really not sure why.  However, I do suspect that once things start to roll, all hell will break loose!

In the meantime, to keep things afloat I have managed to find a job!!  I love retailing, and since one day (yes, I’m a dreamer, even at my age) there will be a small shop on my farm I want to keep up the skill set that I’ve started to cultivate.  So, working at the local grocery store seemed like a logical step.

What a blast!  Run around like a crazy person stocking shelves, re-organizing produce and helping customers.  It’s tough stuff – the warehouse is stocked to the ceiling!  Sometimes, just getting a case of juice can be rather harrowing, but it’s all for the greater good.

Still I wait…hopefully, I’ll have some seriously good news to report on the Hippie Ways business ideas shortly!

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