From Here to There…

And back again. On the subject of STUFF. Anyone who has read Tolkien will know that Hobbits travel light. Every day humans are bombarded with images of things that we are told we need, desire and can’t live without. The notion of personal property has taken hold in the modern […]


New Years 2022 Now that you’ve had a quick sound bite to get your happy on…think on this item. The world as we KNEW it has ended. This is it. This infection that is loose has stopped modern life in its tracks. Not in the way that many would think. […]

Any Other Day…

On any other day I would not have had to drive to the city. From here to there is about 120 kms and at $1.43 per liter of gas it does rather add up. But October 28th was different. For work related reasons, I had to go. Not being much […]

Produce Something. Anything….

Production: the act or process of producing. The fact or process of being produced The act of producing finished goods from raw materials. Creating anything these days seems to be an expensive and somewhat hobby-ish past time. Gone are the days of attending the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. […]

The Producers…

In reading through my New Year’s post from 2020, I realized that this past year has brought us MORE than enough. The changes that hit us all have brought to light many realizations that I suspect most didn’t even think were a problem to begin with. Some were broadsided by […]

New Year’s 2021

Dawned bright and COLD (-17 C with a light breeze) in this little corner of SE Saskatchewan… I had originally started this post yesterday. Although not a “bad” day in the classic sense, my frame of mind by end of December 31, 2020 was one of frustration and general malaise. […]

Rocky…A Love Story

Yes, I know….anyone that has survived the 70’s and 80’s is familiar with Rocky Balboa and his adventures. This tale is slightly less romantic, certainly not nearly as dramatic, but significant in its own way. I actually submitted this article to the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers, but sadly […]

The New Normal…Solutions

The world-wide pandemic of COVID-19 has brought to the front of the line a great many problems that we humans have been tending to ignore. Things such as income inequality. Suicide rates. Domestic violence. Food insecurity. Depending on where you glean your information from, be it main-stream media, alternative media, […]

The New Normal…reaction.

How one REACTS to any given situation, in my experience, will generally determine the outcome. This world-wide lock-down has clearly shown that there is a great deal of learning that humans need to do. The “public” has reacted to the COVID crisis in a variety of ways. Whether you choose […]

The New Normal….Problem?

There are points that (in my humble opinion….) that really should be pondered quite carefully with all of the radio and television play on what our government and media keep telling us that that we will be “the new normal”. Please take a moment and really think about this. Then, […]