The Fine Art of Joy

In my last post, I expounded on the virtues of being happy. To dissect this topic a little further, I’ve decided to delve into the practice of finding  JOY.
The Cambridge Online Dictionary

defines JOY as follows:


joy noun ( HAPPINESS )
[U] great happiness
They were filled with joy when their first child was born.
She wept for joy when she was told that her husband was still alive.
[C] a person or thing which causes happiness
Listening to music is one of his greatest joys.
the joys of parenthood
[+ to infinitive] Her singing is a joy to listen to.
To see JOY in PRINT really is rather anti-climactic. Flat, if you will, without JOY.
To my mind JOY is the tingly, giggly, silly, twittery feeling you get from something or someone. It’s the little rush of emotion and warmth of feeling that you are blessed with when something (again, or someone) brings you happiness.
Happiness and joy could, I suppose, be construed as one and the same. But when it comes down to breaking down the emotions of them, they really aren’t.
Happiness is a sort of continuous way of being.
Joy is the moments that KEEP you happy.
Joy is the pleasure of savouring a FINE piece of chocolate.
Joy is the sensation you receive when you find an attractive man staring at you from across a restaurant.
Joy is the sensation you feel when you watch your child master a skill such as walking, talking, riding their first bike.
Joy is something that should never be taken lightly.

How do you go about maintaining this sensation without becoming addicted?  THAT, I have no idea just yet.  There must be a balance in there somewhere.

So, having watched Julie & Julia not too long ago (cute movie, by the way) I think what I’m going to do is a test project.  In the movie, Julie embarks on a journey of discovery to complete a one year project via a Julia Childs cookbook.

I have on my bookshelf a small book that was given to me a LONG (15 years plus) time ago by the nice ladies at a bookstore in Vernon, BC.  I don’t think the store is there anymore, but the book has remained with me all these years.  Largely untouched, I think now would be a good time to embark on this project.  The book’s title is “The Joy Within, A beginner’s guide to meditation”.  It’s written by Joan Goldstein & Manuella Soares.  Both writers, both devotees of the art of meditation.

It is said that JOY must come from within…I agree.  I think a journey within myself to find a space of joy will be a good place to start.  I’m not sure how long this take, I’ll keep you posted.

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