Unintentional Community

How many of us have actually made a conscious decision to live where we live?? There are a lot of factors that end up playing in to where we actually end up dwelling on a day to day basis.


I’ll share the tale of how I came to settle where I did. Take a little time to contemplate how you landed where you did. What brought you there…why did you stay? Do you enjoy living there?

It’s truly a strange thing how one decision will lead to another and then onto to something completely different. February 7, 2005 started a chain reaction for me. When I look back, I now refer to this date as “The Riley Incident”. A devastating break up. So I talked to the kids and two of three were OK with the notion of moving away. The eldest stayed in the city to learn how to adult. Summer 2006 took us off to Alberta. The boyfriend at the time decided it would be a good idea to buy land in Saskatchewan. So we did. THAT is another tale for another day. Summer of 2009 saw us land in Saskatchewan. Because there was no liveable house on the land we’d purchased, we rented a house in Grenfell that we eventually purchased (which I still dwell in).

I was thinking about this the other day. The house I am in, is the longest I have ever been at a single address in my entire life. July will bring the start of the 15th year in ONE place. Although it was certainly not the original plan, everything seems to have sorted out precisely as it should. My children are near and have built their lives locally. The grandkids will call this little town home. Everyone has jobs or businesses, a good solid house to live in, and life in the larger scale is pretty dern peachy.

So, how does one step from having landed somewhere purely by fluke into the conscious decision to build intentional community? There is a whole lot more to building community than a few hippies on a commune. What do you feel is important here? What would you look for in making the choice to live somewhere because you WANTED to, not because that’s where you happened to wind up? Think on it and drop me comment.

Peace and blessings to you