How to be HIPPIE in spite of yourself

Maybe one day Hallmark will run it again!

Once upon a time Hallmark printed a poster that looked like this!  I really wish they would go for a re-print, there were some wonderful life hacks printed on that 70’s colored paper!  So in the void of wisdom that has resulted from the loss of the poster art, I have a few ideas on sustainability that I think are pretty sharp. Here’s a 12-step program for those that don’t know where to start.  Small steps…

How To Be HIPPIE In Spite of Yourself:

1. Learn the Ethics of Permaculture.  1.  Care for People.  2.  Care for Earth.  3.  The Fair Share.  These really are rather simple.  How do YOU treat others?  How do YOU treat the earth?  How much of any given thing do YOU keep for yourself?  Take stock of your life, your house, your habits.  How much can you comfortably share with others?

2. Reduce, reuse, rebuild.  If you need something, start with second hand first.  It already exists, it’s already worked, and will save you money in the long run. Of course, be wise.  Building something new out of something old ensures the right to repair and will cut down on waste.

3.  Shop and eat local whenever you can.

4.  Appreciate granola.  No single case of death by overdose has ever been recorded.

5.  Grow a few veggies in a patio pot or window box. Petunias are pretty, but frankly, they’re not real tasty.

6.  Buy only products that contain ZERO noxious chemicals.  This is the hardest one.  Not everyone can make their own laundry or dishwasher soap.  Scientists will tell you that EVERYTHING is a chemical.  Some are poison and some are not.  Read labels, check products out.  If you’re spending YOUR money on it, you have a right to know what’s in it.  At some point, I’ll post a list of what I use by way of easily available sustainable alternatives.

7.  Recycle.  It’s not a difficult concept.

8.  Learn to clean WITHOUT chemicals.  Your Grandmother did, why can’t you?  Baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar work wonders.

9.  Mindfully part with your money.  Do you NEED it?  Is it supporting local or nearby businesses?  Will the item in question form part of your estate?

10.  Everyday eat at least FIVE things that don’t have labels.  If it DOES NOT have a nutrition label on it, it’s probably good for you.  When’s the last time you saw “nutrition facts” printed on an apple?

11.  Learn to cook!!  REAL food is awesome.

12.  Choose organic whenever possible or practical.  Given the choice, go for the organic one.

Since we are all on the receiving end of “climate action” and “climate tax” in one way or another (this is a global problem, not just a Canadian carbon tax problem) take the time to learn ways to NOT contribute to the consume/waste/replace mentality.  The smallest changes can have the biggest impact.  Become informed on the environment and the impact you have.  Learn the difference between GREEN and GREEN-washed.  And don’t get me started on bottled waters!!

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