This is how it started…

Hippie Ways.  It started out as a silly conversation between my bank manager father and I.  A discussion surrounding his CHEAP chocolate covered almonds.  I asked him why he didn’t fork out a buck or two for the really GOOD ones as opposed to the waxed, chocolate-flavored variety.  He shot me a strange look and asked me if I was turning into “one of those hippie types”.  I shot back that “my hippie ways have always served me well”.

Summerberry HippieSo, there you have it.


No, I don’t wander around in tie-dyed clothes and hemp rope sandals.  In the changing face of our world I like to think there’s a little bit of hippie in all of us.  The part in each of us that tells us caring for ourselves without chemicals is a good thing.  That caring for our surroundings without damaging them is a good thing.  That eating food that is grown in our own backyards (or nearby) is a REALLY good thing.

Hippie Ways is simply my thoughts on sustainability, living an ecologically intelligent life and a multitude of other things that are important to me.  My ego tells me that I have a unique view of this life, and I’d like to share my observations.  My kids tell me differently sometimes… I firmly believe that it’s the little things we do that make the biggest difference.

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