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Have you ever noticed that “those hippie types” tend to be happier people than most??  I’m sure there be people who simply assume that hippies are happy because they are stoned!  To avoid starting a flame war on the pro’s vs con’s of the legalization of marijuana, let me make a statement.  I’m no stoner. 

Yes, there has been the odd time a hoot or two has been taken.  It’s been a VERY long time (February 2005 to be precise).  I find, for me personally, it’s the most effective sleeping aid there is.  Since sleep is not generally too much of a problem, there’s really no need to keep any around.  Suffice to say that although I don’t smoke it much, I AM a strong supporter of the movement to legalize it.

Being Canadian helps.  We tend to be rather liberal about a lot of things.

The concept of happiness will vary widely from one person to the next.  It’s difficult to define happiness since what brings JOY into your life is as personal an item as one’s relationship with their Creator.

What has probably had the single most profound effect on my personal happiness (and this sounds ridiculous) was a poster that was given to me in my late teens.  The title read:  “How To Be Happy, In Spite of Yourself”.

The border was bright orange and it was divided up into a number of squares.  Each contained small snippets and suggestions on simple things that could potentially bring happiness.  The poster itself was lost somewhere along the way, but the little tidbits of advice have stayed.

One section read:  “Learn to appreciate the little things”.

**warm, dry socks

**the smell of fresh nail polish

**wine, bread and cheese on a hillside (any hillside will do)

Another section was entitled:  “Devote yourself to something OUTSIDE of yourself”

**helping out at an animal shelter

**serving soup to others

**study the life and times of Dorian Gray

It took me quite a while to fully understand the Dorian Gray thing…I did eventually get it.

Another thing that will contribute greatly is health.  In general “hippies” tend to lean toward a VERY healthful diet and lifestyle.  We “hippie types” pursue organics as a matter of practice whenever possible.   We putz with gardening and like to know precisely what is in the food we consume.  For me, this will eventually result in retiring to my organic fruit and vegetable farm at Summerberry, SK  ( www.summerberryorganics.com ) In the interim, its making a point of eating GOOD food.  Not complicating my life with chemical (household, personal care, etc).  Hippocrates said it best:  “Let your food be your medicine”

If you pay attention to WHAT you eat, you WILL feel better.  If you FEEL good, you’re generally a happier person.  It all works together.

Stress, or a general lack of it, will also play a major role in your personal bliss zone.  I have found that my overall stress level has pretty much vanished since making the move to small town Saskatchewan.  Grant you, MONEY stress is at an all time high, but the niggling worries have left me.  I haven’t locked my front door in over a year, I no longer require the car-alarm-from-hell.  The day-to-day frustrations that once plagued my day are gone.  POOF.  Just like that.

This was all a very personal decision.  The will to work on being self sufficient (see www.summerberryorganics.com) grew out of a need to feel better.  The need to feel better was driven by strange and irritating health problems.

I found that eliminating the cause (or what I believed to be the cause) and simply make better choices has had the biggest impact on my quality of life.

By improving diet, my body likes me better.  By making my body happier, I FEEL better.  Because I feel better, I am more energetic.  Because I have more energy I am able to embark on projects that say, five years ago, I would NEVER have concieved.

So, you see how this all fits together?

One little thing at a time.  Cause and effect.  Little bit, by little bit causes fall away and are replaced by the effect.  The end result being HAPPINESS.  It’s all a matter of finding the small things that make the biggest difference.

Now if I could just figure out a way to make money being happy!!

Rational, Positive, Creative!


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23 thoughts on “Happy Hippies…

  • Marlene Kough

    Here I am, doing a general search in December of 2015 because I would LOVE to find that poster. I remember all the parts already mentioned, as well as the sensory cues (“smell swell smells”).
    Is there any positive news on this?

    • Tammy Post author

      And here I am FINALLY paying attention to my websites…and this poster search pops up again…!! So far no luck in finding here, but have an open challenge to anyone that has a cousin that works for Hallmark! Would so love to be able to find another copy of it.

  • Chaska

    I have that poster, it was my mother’s when she was a teen and has now been passed down to me! It is truly inspirational and I would LOVE it if Hallmark would do a reprint of it, I want another one so bad and have had friends beg me to sell it to them too!

    • Tammy Post author

      Yep – Your Mom’s poster is most likely the same one I had!!! I have been hunting high and low for another. I wonder what it would take to get Hallmark to re-release it?

  • Rachaels Printable Daily Coupons

    Hi there! This blog post couldn’t be written any better! Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept talking about this. I most certainly will send this post to him. Pretty sure he’s going to have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  • Clare

    I still have mine! On the very bottom it reads it was reprinted courtesy of Mademoiselle Magazine. Copyright 1979 Hallmark Cards. It CAN NOT be copied becuase of the copyright(I tried already)The only thing someone can do is beseech the powers that be at HALLMARK to REPRINT it.But how do you reach THE person at Hallmark who can say “that’s a great idea,do it”?

    • Tammy Post author

      OK ladies – we now have a mission!! My main computer has given up on me, so contact is rather sporadic for the next bit until poor FRED (the computer) is fixed. Hallmark is our target, and I think we can do a little research, and maybe throw in a bit of pressure to re-release this amazing piece of art!! What do you think??

  • Melanie

    I had that poster and was just reminded of it today.
    An old friend reminded me that I had hung in on the back of the bathroom door in the florist where we both worked in the 80s. I hadn’t thought of it in decades, but now I am on a mission to find one.

    Put me on the list to be notified if one is found – or that one Connie has is restored and reproduced.

  • Randy

    I had the poster as well. I personally like what is said about staying away from generalizations. i.e. “life stinks” “Men are Rotten” restrict yourself to specifics ” My life stinks” “This man is rotten” the odds of it being true are greater and staying in touch with reality has a lot to do with being happy……lol

    P.S. also liked Fatsos do better in starvation circumstances than skinnies

  • Jessica

    Growing up that poster hang in my brother and I’s bathroom. I loved it. I figured I had it memorized and sadly we gave it away when my mom and I asked if either of us wanted to have it. Now that I am grown I would love for my own son to have this to read! Thank you so very much for sharing!

  • Connie

    I still have this poster! I purchased it in the late seventies or early 80’s. It is framed and badly faded and I would love to get a reprint of it. Where can I have this done? I’m sure there is a way w/someone who is computer savy, but personally don’t know the process. Any suggestions?

    • Tammy Post author

      You still have it!! Wow! I would think that if you consult a local (depending on where you live) print shop they might be able to guide you in how to restore it, or even do it for you. If you do manage to find some one to get the poster brought back into this century, PLEASE let us know!! I’d be quite willing to purchase a copy from you, and there’s another reader that would be thrilled to have a copy again!

    • Tammy Post author

      I made a deal with another reader…who ever finds the poster first tells everyone else!! I would dearly love to have a copy of it again!

  • Kelly

    I had that poster too and I loved it! Every few years, I do a search to see if I can find a copy or reproduction for sale somewhere. That’s how I found your blog. Thank you for confirming that the poster wasn’t just a figment of my imagination!

    • Tammy Post author

      We all find each other in strange ways!! No, the poster was not a floating figment of younger days. I’ll make you a deal! Who ever finds it first tells the other right away! I would dearly love to have one again for my office.