Facebook and personality quirks

There are many days that I get out of bed and just SIT in front of the computer staring at Facebook.  Since I’m not a big TV fan, I tend to keep up with friends and get most of my news there.  I don’t really see myself as an addict, but I’m pretty sure that in there somewhere is the little voice that says “check the feed, check the feed”.  News feed, that is.

I am still trying to absorb much of Lesson No. 1 of The Joy Within.  The personality type that I am (A-type Synergistic) tends to get hung up on details for some strange reason and forget (or avoid) other portions of the big picture.  Anyone that has ever undergone Myers Briggs Personality Testing will understand the chronic hangups of the different personality types.

There are SO many things that I want to do, need to do, long to do but can’t seem to find the time (or self discipline for that matter) to just sit this rather “wide load” down and simply get on with it!!

I have, however, decided to add Yoga to the project.  I won’t be tying myself in knots any time soon.  This is going to be a start small and work along from there sort of addition to project.  I have found the just sitting and attempting to meditate is plagued with pitfalls.  Ringing phone, needing to be at work, feelings of guilt over not having done enough work in the gardens or on the farm (Summerberry Organics).

Right now, I just know that these projects (blogs, farm, R & D gardens in town) are crucial to my purpose.  So I think the addition of a light bit of Yoga may be just the thing to bring my body and mind into a space of control and “mindfullness”.

Let’s see if I can control my own mind long enough to actually accomplish something, rather than just putter around in bits and pieces.