New Years 2022

Most definitely ALL credit to Great Big Sea and R.E.M.

Now that you’ve had a quick sound bite to get your happy on…think on this item. The world as we KNEW it has ended. This is it. This infection that is loose has stopped modern life in its tracks. Not in the way that many would think. But in all seriousness…is the wake up call really bad thing? Here’s a few tid bits that I’ll bet you didn’t really notice:

Jeff Bezos’ c*ck rocket was largely paid for with tax dollars. Six Amazon workers were killed in the tornado that ripped apart their workplace and there are stories floating around that they were told to keep working or they would be out of a job. Seriously. The largest transfer of wealth in human history has been taking place under YOUR nose and everyone is too busy squabbling over which variant will kill you to really pay that much attention. Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty – yet no names of the customers were dropped in the trial. There’s a big surprise. Would really like to see the flight log of Epstein’s private jet published in the New York Times. Elon Musk thinks it’s a great idea to implant AI chips in human brains. So, now that we pretty much have a consensus on the outright madness of the wealthy and powerful where do the rest of us go from here…??

TEOTWAWKI 2.0. It’s time to release the new build.

Do you remember the lessons from Kindergarten on how to properly cross the street? Stop, Look, Listen…

STOP. Take an inventory of the things that are truly important to you and then set the list aside. Carry on with your day or two or three. Go back to the list and make notes on the “important” things that you did or did not do. How many of the important items on your list were seen to, looked at, observed or practiced? It’s not a matter of making resolutions and sticking to them, it’s a matter building better habits that support what is important to you as an individual.

LOOK. The wearing of masks pretty much everywhere has certainly made smiling at strangers somewhat impossible. But if you pay attention you’ll be able to see the change in someone’s expression. You have to look AT the person near you to actually see the changes.

LISTEN. You have to listen a little more intently when they’re speaking through a face cover. The point is you LISTEN more. Under the old ways you would have given over the vaguest of acknowledgement and carried on.

It’s time to cross the street. Does it really matter what’s on the other side? No. What does matter is that we know what’s behind us. Rampant capitalism fueling hyper-consumerism which is in turn driving all manner of problems. There was a time when “give a hoot, don’t pollute” was an ad campaign. Now pollution is a foregone conclusion. Now it’s all about climate change and the wars. Wars on poverty, democracy, drugs, pick one. Stop. Look. Listen.

STOP – spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need to impress people you probably don’t like anyways. Stop thinking that everything is disposable. NOTHING is truly disposable. Stop supporting corporations that take tax payer funded bail outs. Stop spending your hard earned wages at businesses that can’t pay their own employees a living wage or a dental plan but can dividend out their shareholders with record breaking profits.

LOOK – at your own backyard. Do you speak to the humans that live in close proximity to you? Do you even know their names? Do you live in a community? Or are you just planted somewhere because that is where your wages dictated you could be? Look around you. What do you see?

LISTEN – when is the last time that you sat and appreciated bird song? Grant you, Jan1st on the Canadian prairies is probably not a good time to try this…. So, alternatively, put down what ever you are reading this on and simply listen. What do you hear around you? The hum of electronics? The beeping of a microwave? Or are there sounds that bring you joy? The cackle of small child about to wreak havoc on his crayons? A fine piece of music playing?

“Light a candle, light a motive, step down, step down
Watch a heel crush, crush, uh oh, this means no fear
Cavalier, renegade and steer clear
A tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies
Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline

It’s the end of the world as we know it
It’s the end of the world as we know it
It’s the end of the world as we know it
And I feel fine, I feel fine”

When you listen to the song it makes you happy. If you actually read the lyrics, they are somewhat apocalyptic and a little disturbing. It is most definitely the end of the world as we KNEW it. It’s time to cross the street.

STOP repeating behaviors and expecting a different outcome. Stop feeding the beast of discontent and scarcity. If it’s not going to form part of your estate, don’t buy it.

LOOK for opportunities to make a difference. Get involved in something outside of yourself. Volunteer a little time. Grow a few potatoes for the widow down the street.

LISTEN to the winds of change. Let them cleanse the dust from your senses and let them blow the spark of your soul into a fire that will drive change.

2022 is an opportunity to cross the street. Will you join me?

Wishing you a most abundant and joyous New Year.


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