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One dream, two businesses…

If you’ve noticed we haven’t been around much lately, it’s because my computers QUIT!!  Yes, both of them.  Total hard disk failure on one, and a blown mother board on the other.  A most interesting month July has been… I’m eternally grateful it’s over!! Since the “Great Computer Incident” and […]

The Contact form is failing miserably…

For anyone out there frustrated by the fact that they think I’m ignoring their e-mails….don’t be.  There is something direly wrong with my Contact Us forms.  Not sure what, but am working on the issue. If you would like contact Hippie Ways just leave a comment, and I’ll get back […]

April 11th, 2010

The gale force winds seem to have blown themselves out, so today’s project is to hit the farm and see what’s left of the shingles on the old barn.  I’ll deal with the issue of raking up the base camp mess next week.  Granted, the lousy weather has made a […]