The Producers…

In reading through my New Year’s post from 2020, I realized that this past year has brought us MORE than enough. The changes that hit us all have brought to light many realizations that I suspect most didn’t even think were a problem to begin with. Some were broadsided by the changes, others not so much.

The year we were thrilled to leave behind us has left wounds that will take a long time to heal. The politics I will leave to the politicos, but I feel it safe to say that this crisis has divided many families. It has served to widen the gap between the “haves” and the “have not’s”. It has brought to the forefront issues such as food insecurity and our chronic dependence on imported products. It has shone blinding light on things such as the un-kindness of people. The overall lack of respect for others. It has truly pointed out that those who actually PRODUCE the LEAST are the ones rewarded the MOST.

Having some banking to do in a nearby town we decided to stop for lunch at The Red Barn. A fair sized restaurant for a small-ish town. Local success story all around. Three big screen TV’s up on the walls, presumably to entertain those who cannot hold a conversation over their meal….and all three were on different SPORTING items.  One, behind our table, had hockey playing. The one in front of my field of view had some sort of colossal celebration of Donovan something….track star and for whatever reason they interviewed his “Friend, and Donovan’s chiropractor”.  The third TV off to my right was playing college football-do we even play college football in Canada??  Since I’m not much for sports in general (other than skating) I’m inclined to wonder how it is that SO MUCH sport is really THAT important.  Which brings me to my original point – WHY is it that those who actually produce nothing are handsomely rewarded? 

This is a concept that I’m hard pressed to understand. Yes, I get that sports can be fun. Yes, I realize that sometimes, one needs a diversion from the grind of everyday existence. But at what point did the appreciation for those that actually CREATE things decline? When did PRODUCING something become a task left to slave-labor somewhere far away? Somehow, we’ve lost sight of the satisfaction of accomplishing things with our OWN hands. I’m thinking my next few posts will be on My Own Backyard…where to get what….I think everyone else should take a look out their own windows and see what they can find in theirs…

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