Produce Something. Anything….

Production: the act or process of producing. The fact or process of being produced

The act of producing finished goods from raw materials.

Creating anything these days seems to be an expensive and somewhat hobby-ish past time. Gone are the days of attending the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. Very few North Americans actually make their living producing anything.

Stop and think about this…who do you KNOW personally that actually makes their living producing something…

Farmers, now they produce something! Your meals. In one fashion or another, we all rely on farmers. But if you go and do some reading on the subject, there are MANY farmers that don’t actually make their full living from their farms. Farm families are a rare bird in most areas. Big Ag has pretty much taken over the markets. I overheard a conversation at a local coffee haunt where one retiring farmer said to another “you gotta go big or get out. F*ck it, I’m gettin’ out”. Corporate control of the food supply is becoming more and more of an issue….but I digress..(and will save this rant for future essays)…

Any of the artisans that I’ve shopped with in recent years at craft fairs and markets (when I happen upon one) do NOT actually make their living producing. Their product is a side gig. An artistic outlet supported by way of having to hold down a job.

Shopping local is becoming more important now than ever. The looming threat of infection from you-know-who is something we are all just going to have to learn to live with. Be mindful. Keep your bubble small. Stay safe. All mantras that most have previously thought unnecessary.

In my next series of essays there will be focus on what can be found locally. Most will think FOOD. To a certain degree, yes. The town where I live has ONE grocery store. And it’s not a very big one. The populace in this area, if they are able, will drive the 115 kms to the city to raid Costco, Superstore and the like (no, I will not say the W-word…). These upwardly mobile individuals still maintain that saving money will result in living better…for some reason, they actually believe that. Those who cannot afford to travel or don’t drive have very limited options. A captive audience, so to speak.

I find that very sad.