Saving Money vs. Saving the Planet

Yes, we all know that if you can save money you can live better.  So the story goes.

I’m not entirely certain that surfing aisle after of aisle of cheep goods produced by slave labour in a far off country is really going to improve my life one little bit.  But, hey, I’m just a hippie.  What could I possibly know about the quality of another person’s life?

I refer now to my (almost famous) theories on being a hippie…in spite of one’s self .

There are any number of SMALL things that can be done on any given day to make a step towards saving ourselves.  George Carlin said it best:  The planet will be fine…the PEOPLE are f*cked.  The planet will shake us off like a bad case of fleas.  If you have 10 minutes or so to waste, here’s a quick link to Mr. Carlin’s thoughts on Saving the Planet.  

I like George….always have.

The way I see things, there’s really no point in further complicating an already bad situation.  Industry ( the polluting, chemicalized version ) has been around roughly 200 years now – the planet will continue LONG after the humans have destroyed themselves.

So, I propose that everyone adopt something SMALL and make it their personal crusade.

Since I’m a hippie AND I’m vehemently opposed to spending money if I can avoid it, I think the following might be a good idea:  SAVE THE CONTAINERS.

Rather than recycle (or worse, garbage) the lip balm containers, save them.  When you run out of lip balm, don’t toss the container.  Keep it.  Toss it in the junk drawer, and add to the collection.  When you have enough tubes, zippie tubes or tins to make it worth the postage, bundle them up and send them to ME.  I will clean, sterilize and re-fill them for 50% off and send them back.  You pay the postage to me, and I will pay the postage back.

You win, I win, and the landfills go without.  We may not save the trees, or the bees, or the snails…but we save a little cash, save some space in the landfills, and reuse spiffy packaging.

There’s an old saying – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Well, my take on this is “if it ain’t broke – REFILL it”.

Have a hippie day!