New Year’s 2020

My thoughts for 2020 are that I wish you (yes, you…yes, this is personal)…ENOUGH.

Enough company when you want to be surrounded. Enough solitude when you don’t.

Enough of a solid roof over your head, and enough food in your cupboards.

I wish you enough coins in your pocket that a little self indulgence won’t give you stress.

I wish you enough peace in your soul that you can sleep at night. I wish you enough rage that you will fight against injustice in this world. 

I wish you enough gratitude that you never forget why you are here.

I wish you ENOUGH for you and your loved ones. I wish you enough strength that when the time comes to deal with sorrow that you can cope.

I wish you enough joy that you feel honor bound to share it with others. I wish you enough love that you can go out every day and make sure that the voiceless are loved as well.

This year is going to bring a great many changes, I wish you the courage to ride the waves like a pro! Be blessed, be happy, be kind.