Montemarte…Oh Yea!

As most are aware, I’ve recently taken to the “craft show circuit”.  I was initially a little apprehensive about this, never having presented much of anything to the public, other than my opinions on life.  It’s a great way to kill off a Saturday afternoon, and it gets my Hippie Ways brand out there in my community.

At the urging of Night Eiffela gifted crafter and good friend Amelia Thompson (Sisterhood of the Craft), I decided to take Hippie Ways to the road.

Today, we attended the Montemarte Craft Fair.  Montemarte is a cute little burgh in South East, Saskatchewan ( check out their page here ) .

What a great time!!  The local Army Cadets were there help the crafters load and unload their wares.  The cadets also putter about the show fetching coffee and food for the vendors.

MANY farm folks made a point of coming into town to do a little early Christmas shopping.  There were familiar faces and crafters, as well as many new faces.

I finally managed to meet up with Pam Miller of Miller’s Bygone Farms  (Bygone Farms ) of Whitewood, SK and managed to not only make a GREAT contact with a SERIOUS business in the local food scene…I scored some of her TO DIE FOR goat’s milk soap!!

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon.  Many, many thanks to the organizers of the Craft Fair and I look forward to doing it again next year!