Hippie Ways Natural Lip Balms are perfect any time of year.  I do, however, formulate them for different seasons and with different needs in mind.  If you have allergies to nuts, bees (and their waxes), or prefer a vegan product – stay tuned!!  I am working towards an (almost) allergy-free, vegan formulation.


Winter Lip Balm

Formulated to be a little heavier so it will protect in the harshest of conditions.  Great for the snowmobile or ice fishing crowd.  Anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors in our famous Canadian winters.  Available in two formats.  The ever popular and re-useable tin as well as the now famous Zippie Tube.

Winter Balm, Tin

Winter Balm, Tin


Winter Lip Balm

14 grams –  Re-useable Tin  $6.99



Zippie Tube - Winter

Zippie Tube – Winter


Winter Lip Balm

4.25 grams – Zipper Clasp Tube





Half ounce tins…mostly for men.  Let’s face it – REAL men don’t use lipstick! Besides, you can always keep the tin for small parts.

Winter Tin



14 gram Metal Slide Top Tin

$ 6.99





Kid’s Zipper Tube

Conveniently packaged to hang from the snow suit zipper, Mom’s keychain, a back pack strap, or any other place you’d like!  A little smaller and easier for smaller hands to handle.


Zippy Tube


Kid’s Sized Zippie Lippie

3 gram  Zipper Tube






Everyday Lip Balm

The same great product, just a different tube.  Packaged in sheer, heavy plastic (recyclable, of course), these tubes are a touch larger than your standard lip balm tube.  I like them better – you can SEE what your getting, and it’s a bit more than usual.  Win-Win!!

Everyday Oval


0.5 oz. Natural Oval Tube





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